Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thinking Blogger.. is someone who

shares his or her talents because it is within them to share... it is part of them to give back....

my Thinking Blogger Awards go to:
Brenda Acuncius She is a fantastic photographer.. one I look forward to seeing more of in our area!! She does outstanding natural light portraiture and gives up and coming photographers a step in the right direction with her knowledge. Thanks, Brenda!

Shey Rosemeyer I found Shey's blog last Christmas or fall... She has a heartfelt blog and I think of her often. In February her beautiful Ava passed away in a tragic accidental locking of the car.. She had gone in to retrieve something and couldn't get out. Through her blog she talks about being a mom, a photographer, a wife... a woman. Please be sure to let your kids know how to get out of a car... honk the horn, try every door possible... teach them young!

Sweet Miss Daisy has a way with photography, stamping... life.. she takes it all in stride and will often comment back to you :)

Twisted Soda is the best.. a carefree artist... I love her muse... she makes me smile!

last but not least.. my IRL friend.... Dancing Queen Jeanine You know you mean the world to me, Jeanine!! I hope you are having a marvelous time in Hawaii... surf one for me, dude!

before I go.. I have to tell you.. I used up alllll my space on my external hard drive... I have to go through and cull!! ugh! lol! wish me well in this endeavor!!


Sandra a.k.a. scrapfreak1 said...

hey where's my blogger award..LOL'
thanks for the heads up on my correction blogging..
you know me the newbie to this game we call bloggers

twistedsoda said...

I love you AM! Lots have been happening in my life!!! Too much to explain...look forward to a lengthy email soon!!!

Brenda said...

WOW.....I just found this and I'm alittle late but wanted to say Thank You! =) What an honor. =)