Friday, August 10, 2007

Mr. T is TWO

and all of 2!
he has had a ball playing with his sisters today. Dh blew up 25 balloons and they have been twisting them into hats, belts and whatever they can imagine...
streamers every where
sweet boy....

he saw a photo on the computer from 2Peas and said, "baby" so clearly!! It was the first time he could put that word with what he was seeing!!! I am so lucky to be a SAHM to hear the first words... what a treasure!

gifts? what gifts did he get??

jelly bellies from Queen V (she bought it with her own money)
an original painting of himself by Lady G
a monkey that I picked up a the Door County Confectionery
Click Clack Moo!! I love this book and he sits so still when we read it at the library!
Fisher Price People to stick in his pocket...
new T shirt and swim trunks from dear friends in California
puzzle from his Godfather and wife

he loved it all but kept looking at the mantel asking for more to open... lol! He likes the boxes...
Dh made the monkey "talk" and it was hilarious!! I got photos - of course- those were the classic ones of his birthday. He actually gave the monkey "race cars" (for those of you who don't know it's the knocking of knuckles from one person to another... dh needed a son bad! lol!

edited to add.. I have found my limitations... I cannot make a cow cake.. the darn thing's head keeps falling off.... ugh! so when the rooster crows I will be purchasing a cake at the store and putting farm animals on it.. lol! Thank God for Fisher Price! lol!

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