Thursday, October 29, 2009

man, I got a good lookin' family!!!

Well, we didn't get to the pumpkin patch on my birthday or out of town like I wanted..
we waited till the rains subsided.. at least for 30 minutes..
got everyone together
in long sleeves
and grabbed a shot!!
Thanks to the older lady who mesmerized my kids while the timer went off on my camera..
I never use the thing and had to figure out where it was- LOL!
My sweetie met us at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch and we got a few shots, jumped in bounce houses and played in all the pumpkins!! They were so big!!!
There were no whines or tears that afternoon.. it was a perfect family outing..


Jalynn said...

omg....cutest picture ever. EVER!

Alli said...

BEAUTIFUL photo!!!!! Love it! Can't believe how big the kids are getting!

Ariana said...

Oh I love that picture! I'm so happy there were no whines or tears, I love it when that happens.