Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fort Worth Stockyards

I just so happened to be at the Stockyards the same time Lady G was there with her class... my friend taught me how to do this..
I am not responsible for others.
I am an extra set of eyes just in case.
I can bring other munchkins.
I get to see what my other school kids are doing.
I can leave if needed.
I can stay longer since I have other kids with me...
it is such a win win situation for me and the kids...

Some day I will be able to give 100% but some days it doesn't work out... soon it will as the Princess A will be able to hang out with others and know she is safe. For now I am the safe haven for her and it's just fine.


Patti Brown said...

These stockyard photos are just beautiful! I love the first one - very artistic capture and very pretty post-processing.

:) PB

AnneMarie said...

Thanks, Patti!! I hope to share more...
I took the bottom one and used more textures on my professional blog... lol