Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Last Day Being 5

one year ago today I could not believe Queen V was going to turn 5... and here I sit not believing she will be 6!!! In 9 hours my little sprite will be 6!
She has brought me such joy...
She makes me remember to smile...
She gives love unconditionally... even when we are so frustrated with each other...
She reminds me to take a second look at things
She makes me proud...
She is beautiful...
I love my little girl...

Today she made me a card (I will post later)
she made me a card..
I had to write it again
It's the selfless things she does when you least expect
I ask her to do a million things
and her head is always in the clouds
I sometimes have to plead with her to come down
sometimes have to yell for her to come back (LOL)
and when she does
she does the most remarkable things
like making me a card
on the last day she is 5
It's a keeper with the coloring, drawing and spelling...
What an angel sent to me

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