Thursday, May 21, 2015

Is there a Prince Charming in there

Following a month of rains we have been bombarded with these itty bitty frogs around our house.  Princess A and Mr. T have been bringing them in and collecting them in random tupperware.  Why wouldn't we keep itty bitty frogs? We have a tadpole growing into a frog on our kitchen counter.  (Thanks Mrs. Duke, for letting Mr. T "win" that prize!!) 

So when one went hopping by and Queen V saw it of course she had to pick it up.  I asked her to kiss it to see if it turned into a prince. ha! One could hope, huh?  Can't you tell she was excited? I'm such a funny mama. One day she will appreciate my humor I am sure. :)
Hopefully all these frogs around our home will eat up the summer mosquitos are sure to come after all this rain!! 

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