Friday, October 19, 2012

Queen V goes Country

A few pictures of Queen V and a video of the day...
BES Stockyard Fieldtrip

 Queen V took a class field trip to the Stockyards.  Did you know Fort Worth is the only city with its own brand? Bit of cool history I didn't even know while I was teaching Texas History. It looks like the horns on the cattle in the above photo.
 A quick shot with one of the cowboys who taught the kids that morning. Queen V was very excited... would have been better had she been on a horse. LOL

A few times a day they recreate a "cattle drive" for the tourists moving the cattle from one end of the stockyards to the other. It's pretty cool for sure.

Not sure where my girl will end up when she is all grown up... either on the water with a surfboard or in the mountains with horses all around her.  She loves both... just like her mama.

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