Thursday, January 06, 2011


#19. That was your spelling bee number. Not the first, not the middle, not the last.. some where towards the end though..

You would stand, listen to the word given to you, and look up.

and then sit and wait to be called again.... letters being missed one way or another and you would look out at me with eyes seeming to say, "are you seeing this, Mom? Do you see I am getting to be one of the last ones?"

The practice and looking words up again and again has paid off! You were one of the top 4 kiddos to be a part of this year's spelling bee. Even though you did not win- to your sister- you were a winner! She was inspired by you and now is reading the dictionary.. waiting to be a 5th grader and be just like her big sister.

You and a classmate went back and forth a few times.. and then the word came.. ABORIGINE. I wasn't even sure how to spell this word.. is that with an "ie" at the end... is there a "u" next to the "0"
I didn't know it.
You didn't know it.
but that is OK. You are still a winner to us!! Way to go, Lady G!!

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