Sunday, May 01, 2011

Latin Mass at St. Mary's

I am what is called a cradle Catholic. I was Baptised as an infant- like only 3 weeks old- and have gone to Mass every weekend since that time. I have missed only a handful of times since I received that sacrament. The only times I have missed have been when I had major surgery due to endometriosis or the birth of my 4 kids. I take pride in knowing that even when I didn't "feel" like going I went. If Jesus could go into the garden hours before he knew he was going to be crucified I can give one hour of my week to Him to thank him for the gifts and graces I have received. It is how I feel and what I teach my children...

Even though I have gone to Mass every weekend I had never attended a Latin Mass. The order of the Mass changed before I remember anything going on... my oldest brother and his son offer their services up to the Lord by helping with Latin Mass at St. Mary the Assumption on Magnolia in Fort Worth. I went when my nephew was confirmed. It was quite different than how I attend Mass. I will have to go again with my brother so he can explain it all to me. My mom, of course, knew it all since this is how she celebrated Mass all through her childhood and young adulthood. It was very reverant and I can't wait for my brother to explain more to me since he understood so much more than I did.

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