Saturday, April 16, 2011

Girls on the Run!

Queen V and Lady G have been training for a 5K. Yep, a 5K. Amazing, isn't it?? It's not just about the running though. This training that they have done has prepared them for so much- finding and setting and keeping goals- who doesn't need that? Perseverance... big word for such little girls but with the world ahead of them this is not just a good thing, but a great thing!
Completion- to find, set and complete goals- long term and short term.
Friendships- who runs, who helps, who cheers another on.. even for the little things
Family- to stick together.. find comfort in family, to confide in one another

They had their cousins as running buddies... from playing at Gran's to being able to hang out with each other as they get older.. I hope they stay close!

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