Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Bug's Bad Day

Big Bug had a very, very bad day. Can you imagine having allergies if you were a bug?? How horrible would that life be??

Queen V and her friend were amazing butterflies! Princess Butterflies to be exact. They each came up with their own lines, their own costumes, own props.. it was so much fun to see it all being pulled together.

They had to come up with a problem- as a team- and come up with a solution- as a team. I know some adults that can't come up with solutions to every day problems and this group of kindergarten through 2nd grade did just that!! They were creative in how they did it but knew their purpose of how they wanted to accomplish their task.

How cute is this group?
They had a mad scientist, a baker, Princesses, a stage manager and of course, Scary Gary.. the Big Bug with the Bad Day!

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