Friday, June 04, 2010

pray. pray hard

I have faith.
Sometimes that is all it takes.
Faith in family.
Faith in Friends.
Faith in God.
My good friend, Tisha, is a gentle soul. The kind of person you definitely want on your side... especially when it comes to faith. She has asked me to pray....
I am now asking you to pray.
Pray Hard!
A sweet babe, Claire, needs your prayers.
The beginning of summer is supposed to be joyous. carefree. splendid even.
There are times when all is good in one person's life and there are others going through a time when God asks them to carry a cross..
This cross is being carried by a little girl named, Claire, her 2 sisters, her mama and her daddy.
Please pray and ask God to take this burden from this family...
Have faith.
Continue to pray...

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purejoy said...

awww, sweet. i'm praying. seriously hard.
beautiful photo. i'll keep trolling on your blog… but are you the amazing photographer??


such a beautiful post.