Wednesday, December 17, 2008

naughty or nice

today is the big day!!
We're going to see the Big Man tonight...
I hear he is at the mall waiting to see all of his faithful followers
the believers
I believe
how could anyone not??
We still have yet to put up our tree...
I made space for it today.
Our deal with Santa is if we get the tree up with lights he will decorate it for us.
We leave all the trimmings out for him along with fresh cookies from the oven and some homemade candies.
He has never let us down.
He did the same for me when I was a little girl... what a great guy!!
So today I will tackle making homemade butterfingers!!!
This is proof he came last year... I set the timer on my camera and got a pic of him nibbling some cookies the kids left out...

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Helwig Happenings said...

I just love this photo! Too cute, I can see it on a card!!!