Wednesday, May 30, 2007

look to the future

belief in myself...
faith and hope... learning to trust more and believe in God's hand more...

In the absence of value,
price is an issue.

been working through a few things..
praying a lot, for sure, about new endeavors
praying for families being joined
praying for babies on the way
praying for parents to take a moment to breathe
praying that the sun comes out and Lady G has beautiful flowers growing around the house for her birthday..

Lady G had her training wheels taken off today.. after some tears she got back on and tried again.
Queen V hates applesauce and spit it on me.. I gave her an apple and she was happy.
Mr. T is totally terrorizing the house! ugh! lol!
Sweetie is being encouraging me to find my wings and sprout them again..

summer is here and I am extatic!! wonder what it will bring??


*Jeanne* said...

Hey AM,

What a gorgeous photo! I love to see you posting. So when is a good time to call you? I would love to talk.

hugs miss you

twistedsoda said...

Bravo, my sweet dear friend! I wish all of those things just for you!!! :)